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This is my page that has affiliate links to things that I like or use in my work.  If you need a gift idea for the actuary in your life, this is great place to start!


Standing Desk from The Human Solution.  I love that this thing extends pretty high.  As a tall dude, I'm grateful not to hunch over the desk all day. It wiggles a little at max height when you type, but not enough to disturb my work.  I had an issue with it getting stuck once, but the manufacturer walked me through the reset process and it hasn't happened since.

Monitor Extender by Mount It! - Once you start using multiple monitors, you don't go back.  I attach the monitor mount to my standing desk and it completes my work area. I love that they are adjustable and tilt so I can sit/stand and tilt them up/down as needed.

Wireless Keyboard and Mouse by Logitech - There are a lot of wireless options out there, so I can't really say that this is the  best one on the market.  I'm not great about turning them off, but I still am running on the same batteries I began with.  I also love not having cords to deal with.

Wireless headset by Jabra - Choices are limited for me because I need something that works with Lync.  The bonus is that I can Bluetooth to a bunch of other things, including my phone.  The signal strength is good for my purposes.  I can walk around the room, I just can't go to the other end of the house.  Sound quality is really good.  Also, the lights that indicate if I'm on a call help keep the kids quiet when they walk by.

Ergonomic standing mat by Amazon Basics - I have a bad back, so in addition to not sitting all day, I also have the ground I stand on give me a little support. I also use crocs!

Blue light blocking glasses by Cyxus- I've always suspected that staring at screens all day is probably not great for my eyes.  The first pair I bought were to yellow and made it hard to pick up nuances in coding scripts where there are colors that differ based on the coding element.  This pair does the trick by cutting out the blue light without the color distortion. They are also light weight and come in various color options.

Salt Rock - There is some indication that EMFs and WiFi signals could interfere with your health.  My answer is the salt rock which supposedly cancels the negative ions in the air. 

I also use shelving and storage solutions from Ikea. 


Talking calculator - as a kid this was one of the first educational items I picked up.  

Puzzle cubes - Hard to beat the classic.  But they now have a whole host of varieties and shapes, and there's the Devil's Cube which I haven't gotten myself yet.

Board games - I suppose you consider most games math games.  Monopoly, chess, etc. However, there are a couple that get a little more probabilistic or mathy that I enjoy.  Machi Koro is one of those. Set was a classic in actuarial club at college.


The HP 12-C calculator is an actuarial classic. It's almost like a secret password to determine if you belong in the inner circle of actuaries or not.

Actuarial Judgement flask.  I created this gift idea after an actuarial happy hour.  Actuaries love their booze, so this flask is a great way to give them another reason to enjoy a drink!

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