Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Emotional Actuaries

Contrary to popular stereotypes, actuaries are not emotionless robots. That’s the domain of tax collectors.

Here’s a listing of some feelings/personality traits that actuaries have.

  • Valuation actuaries are reserved
  • Cash flow testing actuaries have several sensitivities, and are sometimes shocking.
  • Pricing actuaries are marginal.
  • ALM actuaries will feel balanced on most days.
  • Annuity actuaries are a mixed bunch, some are rather stoic with fixed feelings while others can be quite variable.
  • P&C actuaries are rather protective.
  • Pension actuaries are eager to make contributions.
  • Life actuaries can be selective, ultimately.
  • Health actuaries are highly adjustable.
  • Disability and Long Term Care actuaries are morbid.
  • Investment actuaries are interesting, but hedging actuaries can be exotic.
  • Reinsurance actuaries share everything.
  • Experience study actuaries are occasionally incredulous.
  • Regulatory actuaries are very formal.
  • Governance actuaries are controlled.
  • Academic actuaries are collegial.
  • Retired actuaries, if all went to plan, will be untaxed.
  • Chief Actuaries get bored of directors.
  • An Appointed Actuary is opinionated.
  • Finally, actuarial students are testy. These are fragile creatures, often on the brink of mental breakdowns, so please treat them with a lot of love and care!
On the topic of emotions, a new tool for understanding how actuaries are feeling is now on the market.  Introducing the Actuarial Mood Ring!