Thursday, September 22, 2011

Actuarial Horoscopes

Traditional horoscopes predict the future based on your zodiac sign. They tend to be fuzzy and generic and don’t say anything too useful.

BTS can do better. While still fuzzy and generic, we can at least let you know something useful, like your chance of death in a year. We’ve predicted your future based on the type of financial product/insurance that you purchase.

Actuarial Intern Writes Super Macro

A typical summer exercise took quite a turn for an actuarial intern who will remain anonymous.
The task was to create a tool that would consolidate output from thousands of scenarios into an easy to interpret summary sheet.
The intern searched Google for VBA language, and was soon closing in on the project’s objective. Then something curious happened.

Actuarial Promulgation on the Rise

According to recent observational evidence, there has been a recent spike in actuarial procreation.

Experts have several theories for possible causes, most notably high participation at “exam passing” happy hours.

There are mixed emotions among actuaries about this news.