Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Emotional Actuaries

Contrary to popular stereotypes, actuaries are not emotionless robots. That’s the domain of tax collectors.

Here’s a listing of some feelings/personality traits that actuaries have.

  • Valuation actuaries are reserved
  • Cash flow testing actuaries have several sensitivities, and are sometimes shocking.
  • Pricing actuaries are marginal.
  • ALM actuaries will feel balanced on most days.
  • Annuity actuaries are a mixed bunch, some are rather stoic with fixed feelings while others can be quite variable.
  • P&C actuaries are rather protective.
  • Pension actuaries are eager to make contributions.
  • Life actuaries can be selective, ultimately.
  • Health actuaries are highly adjustable.
  • Disability and Long Term Care actuaries are morbid.
  • Investment actuaries are interesting, but hedging actuaries can be exotic.
  • Reinsurance actuaries share everything.
  • Experience study actuaries are occasionally incredulous.
  • Regulatory actuaries are very formal.
  • Governance actuaries are controlled.
  • Academic actuaries are collegial.
  • Retired actuaries, if all went to plan, will be untaxed.
  • Chief Actuaries get bored of directors.
  • An Appointed Actuary is opinionated.
  • Finally, actuarial students are testy. These are fragile creatures, often on the brink of mental breakdowns, so please treat them with a lot of love and care!
On the topic of emotions, a new tool for understanding how actuaries are feeling is now on the market.  Introducing the Actuarial Mood Ring!

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Maverick vs Maverick: Round 1

Dominic Lee, aka The Maverick Actuary sort of dared me to binge stream his interview series. Well, that’s how I took it anyway. It wasn’t an official challenge but when he "encourages" me to check out his stuff,  I hear "I bet you won't" and I’m not one to back down from an invitation. 

Also, over the 4th of July I enjoyed watching the movies Top Gun and Maverick back to back. Having those flicks fresh in my mind has inspired me to put the Mavericks Head to Head. Let’s “fly right into the Danger Zone!” And see how Dom stacks up against Tom.