About Me


My name is Nate.

I am one of those strange creatures known as actuaries.

This does mean I'm freakishly smart, but please do not be intimidated by that.

I'm also freakishly tall.  Please don't be intimidated by that either.

I'm also, at times, freakishly nerdy.  That's not at all intimidating, but can be awkward.

While I am freakishly smart and tall, I am not mind-blowingly smart nor mind-blowingly tall. Which means, that in my humble opinion, I'm accessible. I was the high school basketball player that could help you with your math homework.

This blog is my playground.   It's where I can let my mind run free after dealing with numerical analysis all day. My mind loves to play.  It also loves company, so thanks for stopping by.

If you are still craving to know more about me, then let's get social!

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