Friday, October 9, 2020

Insurance Rocks!

Lemonade recently posted reviews of some bands you may have never heard of before (possibly because they don’t exist). 

Names like Moral Hazard, Named Perils and Windstorm made their profile list.

Their list was not exhaustive, so the Between the Spreadsheets staff is working hard to uncover other acts that have names that echo insurance terminology.

Here are a few we have found so far.

This emo group that hails from the cornfields of Iowa. Their latest EP features an effortless blend of wailing vocals and layered harmonies. They will be in your town soon and we are counting the days.

We surrender to this acapella group known for their creative takes on popular songs. The fun never lapses in ‘Covered Conditions’ including a riveting take on Disney’s “Let it Go.”

A folksy duo that explores the journeys of human relationships. The songs ‘Be My Beneficiary’ and ‘Don’t Deny Me’ reveal the creativity of this joint effort. 

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