Monday, November 26, 2012

Smart Phone Passes Exam P/1

A local actuarial student made a startling discovery after exiting the exam center during the most recent administration of Computer Based Testing.

"I was leaving the exam center and the proctor gave me two print outs, one for me, and one for my phone."

The student used the phone to register for the exam, and according to SOA records that is when the phone registered itself as well.

The test administrators knew that there was an extra exam being taking during the session, but initially had no idea where the answers were coming from.

"We thought it was either a computer glitch, or a ghost. But then we reviewed the sign in sheet and realized that Sam Sung was not actually a person."

While cell phones are not permitted for use by candidates during exams, there is no official policy for a phone acting on its own behalf.

"I’m just glad I passed as well." The student commented. Both the student and the phone plan on sitting for exam FM in the spring.

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