Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spike in Actuarial Nerdiness Index

The Actuarial Nerdiness Index, or ANI, is at its highest level since 1999.

The index is a leading indicator of companies that employ actuaries.  Generally speaking, nerdiness drives happiness which drives productivity
Experts point to several drivers of the increase.  The biggest component is technology, as a large component of the ANI is directly correlated with technology.  From multiple Google applications to the iPhone4s, the speed and availability of new technology should keep the index at a healthy rate of growth.

A secondary source is the popularity of fantasy or sci-fi movies.  There were spikes in the index shortly after The Matrix, and record jumps during the Lord of The Rings Trilogy.  Currently the Harry Potter series continues to maintain the index.  Just recently two actuaries were found discussing who would win in a battle of evil wizards – Sauromon or Voldemort.

The only negative comes from a dip in the use of HP calculators.  This once iconic component (pictured below) to an actuary’s arsenal seems to be quickly becoming a relic.

Experts predict stable and continued growth in the ANI for years to come.

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