Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sexy and We Know it -Opinion

Our occupation may not be as glamorous as a rock star, as heroic as a firefighter, or as honorable as a teacher, but don't tell me actuaries aren't sexy.
I’ll admit that we may never make a top ten list of sexiest careers, but the point I want to make is that the sex appeal for actuaries is at least greater than zero.
People have tendency to point out the things we have stacked against us: introverts by nature, strong love of video games, sci-fi movies, and fantasy books, high likelihood to use the word ‘likelihood’ in conversations.  However, until now, no one has presented the things we have in our favor.
Take for example the arsenal of pick-up lines that an actuarial student will be able to deploy as they progress through the exam track.
  • Probability Exam: “I think you and I have a strong correlation.”
  • Financial Math Exam: “With me, you’ll never lose interest.”
  • Actuarial Math Exam: “I always keep something in reserve.”
  • Financial Engineering Exam:  “I know about all sorts of exotic options.”
  • Modeling Exam: “You’re gorgeous, and that comes from a guy who stares at models all day”
Disclaimer:  These lines have not been vetted for success.  They simply serve as illustrations that now a nerd can have some game.
Continuing on to FSA exams, the actuary now adds depth.  The struggle of these exams either leads to triumph or failure.  In the case of triumph, confidence soars and can be used to channel an inner Casanova or Cleopatra.   Failure, if played the right way, will have the same emotional effect as a sad-faced puppy and Sarah McLachlan music, exploiting the sympathetic side of human nature that ends in nuzzling and cuddling.  Both cases will lead the exam taker to a bar, and there anything can happen.
After exams, actuaries earn nice paychecks. This means actuaries can afford to wear nicer clothes, drive above average cars, and dine at restaurants after happy hour. Money may not buy sexiness, but it doesn’t hurt.
Ultimately, the proof is all around us. Actuaries get married. And when they do, they stick around. I would say not getting divorced is pretty sexy.

From Flowing Data - Actuaries have the lowest divorce rate
Furthermore, a large population of actuaries who are married have kids, and procreation requires a mutual agreement that can only take place is the sex appeal of the actuary involved is at least greater than zero. 

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