Thursday, September 22, 2011

Actuarial Promulgation on the Rise

According to recent observational evidence, there has been a recent spike in actuarial procreation.

Experts have several theories for possible causes, most notably high participation at “exam passing” happy hours.

There are mixed emotions among actuaries about this news.

The trend is encouraging to those who have been recalcitrant at the recent rash of babies born to non-actuaries. In the words of one musical actuary, “people who can’t add or subtract, shouldn’t be allowed to multiply.”

Others, mostly those in managerial roles, view the births with skepticism. A high percentage of them come from recently credentialed actuaries. “For the past five years, I’ve been allowing these students to have study hours, and now this is the thanks I get?” remarked a disgruntled director.  “If you ask me, I think these babies are just excuses not to work.”

Another central issue that is consistently present in actuarial events is a frequency and severity debate. 

Economists suggest that the frequency of activities conducive to baby making are unchanged, and point to possible fertility spikes as culprits.

One group is not surprised.  A representative from the Stat-Tax department remarked, “We saw this in our CTE 98 calculation and decided to establish a baby- shower reserve.”

While there’s disagreement about the reason, all experts agree that there will definitely be both short term and long term ramifications.

One last question remains…Who’s next? 

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