Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Actuarial @ASAPscience

We call ourselves actuaries, but how many of us could call ourselves scientists as well?  After all, the field we practice is Actuarial Science.

And yes, bulk of our discipline is math and probability based, but let us not kid ourselves that we are unique in our application of these subjects.

I've always love exploring the science behind the events that we create insurance products for.  Recently, I came across the guys at ASAPscience, and their fun YouTube videos.  Below are a few that pertain to actuarial concepts.

Have you ever heard of a telemere?  Did you know science is working on extending them?

Predictions are funny things.  Here, the guys explore a model of what they may look like in 50 years.  What really struck me in the progressions was the notable deterioration rate.  10 years between 20-30 is vastly different than 10 years between 50-60.

Occupation has driven disability insurance pricing for a long time, but has the degree of sedentary lifestyle ever been studied? Or perhaps this may become a new underwriting question for life insurers?  Also, my fellow actuaries, please get up and move around or find a standing work station.

Ahhh, coffee.  You helped get through actuarial exams, and now I understand why.

How about this product design...continuous insurance?   A little microbot in your body continually adjusts you insurance premium based on biological feedback. I love trying to imagine our future, please see 

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